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St Amour TEETHERS - Vegan

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ST AMOUR TEETHERS are totally vegan, they contain lemon which not only soothes baby's aching gums but also tastes wonderful.  These biscuits contain no dairy, eggs, cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fats, salt, coloring, artificial additives or preservatives.  So now you know why mothers call our TEETHERS the Rolls Royce of teething biscuits.

ST AMOUR TEETHERS will keep a teething baby busily happy for hours:  they are extremely hard and will not get mushy, fall apart and make a mess, they are very large so baby has a lot to hold on to while being able to safely maneuver only a small portion of the biscuit to the aching area where he/she can rub  the gums with its rough surface which will distract baby from the pain. 

Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, non GMO cane sugar, lemon extract, ammonium bi-carbonate as a leavening agent ( Evaporates at baking).

Nutrition Facts:  Serving: 1 Teether. Serving size per cont. 6 ( 1 Teether is equal to 2 servings). Total fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, sodium 0mg, Total carbohydrates 16g, dietary fiber 0g, sugars 3g, protein 1g.







We have been using St. Amour's teething biscuits and she LOVES them! I don't leave her alone with them obviously but they definitely do not break apart easily and they get pretty mushy by the time she can actually get a piece in her mouth. When she gets to that point I break the mushy part off and let her start on the hard part again just to be safe. But, yea, they are great and keep her occupied for a long time. I used one the other day when I brought her to lunch with a bunch of my friends. She sat in the highchair at the restaurant and was totally occupied by it most of the time!



The ones we use are for babies....there is even a picture of a little baby on the box with it. They are 100% Natural and vegan with no salt, no yeast, no cholesterol and no preservatives. I know they are made in France so we get them at a specialty grocery store but I bet you can find them online. They are call St. Amours Teethers, French Teething Biscuits.


 My friends, we are currently in the throes of cutting that first tooth, and boy is my daughter pissed. And non-sleepy. And constantly shoving anything and everything into her mouth and chomping hard.

Of course we have all different types of soothers, and my mom tried to cut down on some of everyone’s misery by purchasing some St. Amour’s Teething Biscuits on a shopping trip to Whole Paycheck.

I was skeptical.

All of my previous experiences with teething biscuits were pretty negative, with them either being vehemently rejected (for taste, or lack thereof, I’m assuming) or turning into somewhat of a choking hazard by being a bit too prone to chunkiness for my comfort.

Enter St. Amour’s.

My daughter pounced on them like only a person in discomfort can when they find something to ease their pain. Actually, she is a fairly non-engaged eater of “big people food” at this point, but I have never seen her be so interested in a food item before. These biscuits dissolve wonderfully, while still retaining the firmness that is so pleasing to the gums. I never once worried that she was going to choke, and before I knew it, the rather substantial biscuit was gone.

These are based on a French recipe and available at various retailers. Click the link to check locations by state. Add the fact that they are vegan, all natural, and fat-free, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

*I was given no free product or compensation for this review. Well, unless you count the fact my mom bought it for me.


Delaney's parents recently bought her some vegan biscuits called Teethers by St. Amour (who also makes Rock N' Rolls). Their tagline is, "The First Choice in Vegan Teething Biscuits for Babies" - love it. They are really healthy too:
  • No cholesterol
  • No preservatives
  • No yeast
  • Kosher
  • Fat Free
Delaney seemed to enjoy both products! The bodysuit looked really comfortable, and felt soft. The Teethers are great for teething babies, and Delaney had fun waving it around. These companies are making it easier to raise healthy children.

Veggie Bits

French Teething Biscuits Will Please You and Your Baby

St. Amour is a California-based company specializing in French-inspired cookies. Though they offer several vegan products, their most notable has to be Teethers, perhaps the first vegan and organic teething biscuits to hit the marke. Teethers are 'mess-free' and will hold up well as your youngster puts them through their paces. Plus, any leftovers make fairly tasty dunking cookies that parents will enjoy with their favorite café.