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Product is shipped within 3 - 4 days of receipt of order.  We ship UPS Ground from California which requires 6 working days to the East Coast.


St. Amour, Inc. dba FrenchCookies is a family of brands each of which serves people with particular dietary needs.

At FrenchCookies, we do not follow trends.  We initiate them.  We were pioneers in the vegan movement, the gluten-free one as well as pioneers in sugar-free products such as our sugar-free and gluten-free 'Basic Power Granola'.

As health-aware foodies ourselves, FrenchCookies's mission is to share with people what we believe to be great tasting treats.  Our line of ' Triples ' is an example of our dedication to fighting diabetes: Diary -free for vegans, sugar -free for those who want to control their sugar intake and also gluten free for Celiacs. 


 Happy and healthy together.  As Napoleon's mother used to say:  I hope it lasts !







- " I've been purchasing your Power Granola and love it. It's unlike any other granola I've ever tasted. Are there any chia seeds in the granola or anything else similar in it? The energy it gives me is also unlike any other granola I've had! " 

Gavin Wise


We started the process to have all our product lines Non-GMO verified and this is our first one.

vegan_teething biscuits_for_babies

 St Amour teethers_non-gmo_certificate_teething biscuits_for_babies