The ROCKS N ROLLS cookies are vegan, low fat and low sugar.  They have been a favorite of Weight Watchers for many years and have been listed in the Weight Watchers Food Companion book for many years.   You'll love these French Mediterranean munching cookies.  They are truly amazing.

They come in 6 wonderful flavors.

The Rocks N Rolls cookies are Daniel Nicolas' traditional family recipe.  In his native country they did not have cereals so they used these little bites instead by dunking them in large bowls of Café au lait.



 They do not say sugar free. They are low in sugar--around 2 to 3g sugar per 10 cookies depending on flavor. I would probably avoid any cookie if I were diabetic; however, these may be good in moderation for diabetics.

These are outstanding cookies and totally fit their motto "munching cookies." They fall into the category of tea cakes or coffee cookies like biscotti since they are a dry crunchy cookie; however, I eat them raw.

I'd really be excited if they offered their Praline flavor on Amazon. I also like their chocolate, but Praline is the best.

I only wish the bags were bigger for more cookies :) 


I love these little nuggets. They have only 3 grams of sugar and they remind me of what cookies used to taste like without all the chemicals and additives and over-the-top sweetness of the more mainstream cookies. I also love the cinnamon version of these. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------