Sore Feet Day !

Yesterday we walked the Natural Foods Show in Anaheim the whole day.  Susan suffers from bad ankles by she forged on.  She really is a trooper.

This morning we got up at 5 am.  We worked on paper work and taxes and had to deal with a freight company who mistakenly sent a pallet of product destined for our distributor in New York to Chicago.

At 8 am we drove to the bakery, 37miles away to fill up our car with product for a new Whole Foods store opening in Irvine.  A beautiful store. 

WE stocked the shelves

Susan checking our shelf-space at Whole Foods in Irvine

WE serviced that store with Teethers in the Baby aisle and in the cookie aisle Daniel's Vegan cookies (the shelf below the Rocks N Rolls), Rocks N Rolls vegan French munching cookies, The 3 SKUs of St Amour Wafers (below Susan's elbow) and a full shelf of Susan's Sugar Free cookies.

Right after that which took us about an hour, we drove to the Anaheim Convention center and walked the show for the next 5 hours.

Believe it or not now at home, Susan is working on Invoices for Monday and here I am. 

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