Story of the St Amour Teethers

A few years back as we were traveling through France, looking for good unknown restaurants, my wife and I stumbled upon a little baking place in a remote village perched high in the mountains. There was no restaurant to speak of in that picturesque place so we bought the typical Camembert, local wine bottle and a crusty warm baguette and sat on the ramparts of the old castle to admire the sunset and have our impromptu picnic right there, listening to the sounds of the flowing river.

As we were admiring the environment I recalled with some amusement that for as little as the bakery was, for one moment I did not see my wife. It was at that moment that surreptitiously I bought a bag of dry cookies because I like a good crunch. Now that the Camembert, the wine and the baguette were no more, I smiled and triumphantly pulled out the bag of cookies. My wife laughed at my naiveté as unbeknownst to me she similarly and selflessly bought the same bag of cookies as she knew I like to crunch. "What about you?" I asked.

"Oh, don't worry." But curious as I know my wife is, I knew she could not resist trying these esoteric looking cookies, so she'll have a bite. Suddenly her face changed. It illuminated. "Oh My God! These cookies are absolutely delicious!"

Anyhow, to make a long story short, Susan who was then a high school teacher could not stop thinking about these cookies for the rest of our trip and it is in a Hotel in Madrid, the night before flying back home that we decided to start a cookie business.

That's for a quick background, now to babies crying.

We live in California and one day we received a phone call from the baker who had sold us the recipe for the cookies. The man was curious to know what was going on. As we were talking on the phone, his young wife was taking care of the baby that would not stop crying. I heard the baker tell his wife in between two sentences "Give him a cookie, that'll keep him busy for a few hours." I did not pay much attention to the remark but it kind of stayed with me.

A year later as my wife and I were peddling the cookies at an open market in Laguna Beach, California, a older woman approached our table and engaged into chit chat with my wife. At that time we had developed other products but kept these cookies going, as we were selling them in a variety of flavors also covered with nuts and drizzled chocolate on top.

"Oh my God - She exclaimed - You are the one who makes these cookies"
Susan was kind of taken aback but she was pleased to finally meet a fan.

"Let me tell you, my daughter was going crazy with her baby constantly crying - My grand daughter the older woman said, as she proudly pulled out of her handbag a photograph of the baby - My grand daughter was constantly crying she repeated so one day, I pulled out a bag of of your cookies, I scrapped the chocolate and the nuts out and I gave her one cookie. Boy! She stopped crying instantly and wouldn't let go of it. As she was saying that, the baker's words to his wife while on the phone with me came rushing back into my head.

So if you ever give these cookies to the baby you love, you won't have to wonder how they started and made their way to the USA from way high in the mountains in the south of France. Granted we are not a big company but we feel a great deal of satisfaction when woman after woman tell us that the "St. Amour Teethers" really are the Rolls Royce of teething biscuits.

St. Amour is a specialty cookie manufacturer based in Costa Mesa, California.
We are particularly proud of our products as we use simple natural and organic ingredients.
As a nutritionist one day said at a conference " Any good product should not have more than 5 or 6 ingredients you can understand.
We cater to specific niches
- Babies teething
- People on a weight watch
- Celiacs

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